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Feeling tired all the time, no energy and drive – is this you

Do you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning

Are you going to sleep tired and waking up tired

You know that you can do more but you don’t know why you can’t and it’s causing you massive frustration. Getting through the mundane of each and every day is about all you can manage at the moment. The sunlight has disappeared from your life.

Get ready to become a whole new you as you journey to wholeness

Divine Coach
International Energy Medicine Therapist
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP Practitioner
Meditation Master Instructor
Mindset Priming Instructor
Creator of IPM – Inner Pioneer Method™  

Rebecca helps mature creative ladies go from empty and exhausted to energized and elevated by crafting a life of abundance and spiritual connection. Inner Pioneeringis embracing your own Inner Pioneer and blazing a trail along a road not yet walked.

Rebecca transforms your empty to full…

Join me for a 3 day immersive experience

From Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

1.30 pm Central Time

2.30 pm Eastern Time

at 7.30 pm each evening (UK time)  

(Replays available if you can’t attend live)

During the 3 day immersive experience you will learn:


How to locate and understand the root causes of your tiredness and exhaustion.


How to develop your energy management skills by gaining insight into how your body is responding to external stressors.


How to find the tools which you help you to calm your physical symptoms.

About Rebecca Bindon

Creator of the Inner Pioneer Method™  

Rebecca is an International Energy Medicine Therapist, Divine Coach and creator of the Inner Pioneer Method (IPM) with over 20 years’ experience of helping clients to achieve balance in both body and spirit.

Her aim is to empower – to help you to become responsive as opposed to reactive so that you can discover your own excellence and live your best and healthiest life.

Rebecca helps you to take a close look at how you are living your life in all it’s diverse ways, to think about the blocks which may be inhibiting you from living your best life and to create strategies to help you overcome these

Her passion is helping women to go from empty and exhausted to energized and elevated by teaching them to craft of a life of abundance and spiritual connection.

Rebecca has helped countless people find their purpose and live their passions, blazing a trail along a road not yet travelled. She guides individuals towards finding the tools to live in alignment with their dreams for the future.

Rebecca wants us all to live our healthiest happiest lives and strongly believes that we are better and stronger together than alone.

What you will gain from the challenge:


How to develop your energy management skills by gaining insight as to how your body is responding to external stressors.


Insights into the nourishment you need to make you want to get out of bed in the morning and live the day ahead.


You will learn how to make an ancient drink to help you to balance your nervous system using spices and herbs from your kitchen cupboard.


How to identify blocks that stop you from creating strategies.


You will learn how to use essential oils to balance your energetic frequency and raise your energy levels.


How to identify blocks that stop you from creating strategies.


How to find the tools to help you calm your mind and body.


Reignite the fires and passions of your youth.


Rhonda Carper 🇺🇸

Mentally and physically exhausted and spiritually-depleted, I retired from public education after 31 years. I knew I still wanted to be productive, but had difficulty seeing outside the box I so comfortably crafted for myself. I remembered the dreams of my youth, the passions and the joy, but had no idea how to resurrect those aspects of myself. Rebecca challenged me to change my perspective and through direct coaching, she has helped me to understand what wellness actually looks and feels like. While I’m still on the journey to becoming, I’m confident I’m on the right path. I would still be in a state of depletion had I not found someone who refused to let me take the low road because it was easier. I highly recommend Rebecca’s program. My life brings me joy again and I’m so hopeful about what’s to come.

Rebecca Clelland 🇬🇧

I find myself constantly reaching for the tools Rebecca helped me to identify whilst I was working with her.

They have become my daily support and I can really feel the benefit within my life and my health. Not only do I know feel equipped to deal with overwhelming situations, but I also know and have the strength to say no and install healthy boundaries when called for. Thank you so much Rebecca- I can’t wait for your next course!

Karen USA 🇺🇸

Rebecca is an amazing practitioner and her Inner Pioneer Method is brilliant! I lost my husband of 45 years in 2020 and my two children both have busy careers and live abroad so I hardly ever see them – I was at a very low ebb, feeling useless and with no real will to live when I found Rebecca.
She has helped me in more ways than I can possibly describe in a few sentences and it is as a direct result of her help and commitment that I have found direction, purpose and renewed happiness in my life.

Cindy USA 🇺🇸

A work in progress…

I’ve been struggling with anxiety the last 6 years since my husband passed in 2017 trying to find my place in the world. As a “Jack of all trades”, I’ve found myself being stretched thin physically and emotionally. With Rebecca’s help, I’ve learned to set boundaries and how to say “no” and when to use my growing toolbox of energetic methods to help move forward in life instead of feeling stuck. I’ve been applying the last 5 years of Kinesiology training, Tapping, essential oil knowledge, homeopathy and tuning forks in a cohesive way to focus on my goal of creating a life where I do what I love instead of what I have to. Thank you Rebecca!

Faith USA 🇺🇸

Rebecca has helped me find my cool, calm, and collected self. By addressing my adrenal disfunction, it has created a whole new me! I can function better as a wife, mother and business owner. Her mentoring has opened so many possibilities in my life! Things I never thought to be an income venture, are now revenue. Having the tools to self-correct and help others is life changing. We are currently working on my life goals and desires. I cannot wait for her next class..

My Empty to Overflowing 3 Day Challenge will help you to understand why you’re feeling tired and devoid of energy. Together we’ll develop strategies to reinvigorate and re-energise your life . . .


You can craft and create your hearts desire.

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